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Wilms Cancer Foundation: Founder, Creative and Dream-Maker (William Hodgkinson)

Founder, Creative & Dream-Maker

William Hodgkinson: Pioneering cancer survivor, visionary and entrepreneur. William Hodgkinson was himself diagnosed with 'Wilms' in early 2018 and suffered a relapse in 2019. Since then he has made it his mission to raise awareness of Wilms and support fellow suffers.


Wilms Cancer Foundation: Founder, Strategy and Dream-Maker (Jason Wood)

Founder, Strategy & Dream-Maker

Jason Wood: a former professional athlete, personal development and nutritional advisor he is committed to eradicating childhood-cancer. He has advised on a number of high profile charity development projects throughout North America and Europe. 


Founder, Operations & Dream-Maker

TJ Hodgkinson: Committed to helping cancer sufferers and families come to terms and overcome the medical and practical challenges post diagnosis. An advocate of a healthy approach to illness he is passionate about supporting others through his experiences as the parent of a cancer sufferer.


Wilms Cancer Foundation: Founder, Operations and Dream-Maker (TJ Hodgkinson))

Development & Dream-Maker

BettyAnne Chulumovich: Enhanced by the loss of her father, BettyAnne is an incredibly passionate advocate for improvements toward the eradication of cancer. She has been involved with Health and Wellness for more than 15 years. Her entrepreneurial spirit has delivered success on multifaceted fronts, currently working as a Hydration specialist in the water ionization arena. She is also a sales rep for Infrared light therapy devices.


Wilms Cancer Foundation: Development and Dream-Maker (BettyAnne Chulumovich)

Marketing & Dream-Maker

Cristina Yun Lee: An extensive cancer history in her family, supporting her mother battle cancer for the last 7 years and  living with few autoimmune conditions herself, Cristina is a passionate health and wellness advocate. Her background in medical school and marketing has developed her into an active advocate for communities and companies to participate in activities that promote health. An avid reader, researcher, a public relationship and social media specialist.


Wilms Cancer Foundation: Marketing and Dream-Maker (Cristina Yun Lee)
Wilms Cancer Foundation: Communications and Dream-Maker (Clare McDonald))

Communications & Dream-Maker

Clare McDonald: Former sales co-ordinator for Yellow Pages (Forbes 100) and successful business owner. Ms. McDonald has been involved in numerous charities including the National Breast Cancer Society and is herself a cancer survivor. She is committed to the cause of childhood cancer.