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Wilms Tumor, Nephroblastoma Cancer Information, Research, Statistics & Support

Donors and Partnerships

Children like William (and his family) should never have to face the ordeals and life-threatening situations that he has been confronted with at such a young age and, importantly, they don’t need to.


Through numerous foundation programs there is an opportunity to ensure early detection of this disease to relieve the emotional and financial burden suffered by families in these situations.


We cannot do this alone and we rely on the ongoing support and partnership of individuals and organizations to help us continue providing our services because without them children like William and hundreds of families like his will face desperate situations.

Supporting Children and Families

Even post-treatment families face continuing financial challenges as they look to return home and attempt to resume normal life. Very often the starting point post-treatment brings unforeseen expenses such as tuition, travel to.and.from.check-ups perhaps still without work and this could be compounded by negative credit ratings that have resulted from the duration the diagnosis and protracted treatment brought.

However, these can all be addressed and overcome. 

Disease you've never heard of...
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WCF | Informational Video: (What is this disease)

For those who are suffering from Wilms we seek to relive the heavy emotional and financial burden that diagnosis and often protracted treatment can bring. 

It is an incredibly challenging time for the child and their families, the ordeal of watching a son or a daughter fight for their life is truly devastating.

Stress, depression, bereavement, these are all issues that have to be dealt with on-top of a child's medical condition and outcome. 

Financial Challenges:

Diagnosis also equates to time and money. As a parent, 100% of your time is taken up caring for you child and you are suddenly deprived of the ability to make money. Medical expenses, living expenses, relocation, accommodation, electricity, gas, travel, unemployment also have to be addressed.

All this at a time when parents need to focus their energy on the child. When they need to be on their 'A game', to provide the love and support to get a child through the darkest, most challenging times they are ever likely to face.

The inability to pay even the most essential bill's becomes a desperate struggle and the consequences often far outlast the illness and treatment regime itself.

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